Portrait Michael Gutsche
Photographer Michael Gutsche was born in 1961 in Fulda. He began his artistic work in the late 80s as a self-taught with small-format photographs. During this time he discovered his love for large-format prints making him able to convey pictorial effects that reach beyond a common visual reproduction. 2006 regional exhibitions followed and in 2011 and 2014 Gutsche managed to attract the attention of a national audience with the photo projects "Icelandscapes" and "auf draht” (engl. “on wire”). Since 2020, his photographic explorations of the largest Arctic expedition of all time, the MOSAiC expedition, go around the globe.

Gutsche largely dispenses with electronic image processing to provide his viewer a pristine visual experience. He favours abstract-looking motifs and an expressive image composition. His works live on fine color gradations, a high level of detail and extraordinary composition. The photographs evoke their suggestive power through large-format prints with several meters of length.

In addition to landscapes and people, Gutsche is presently examining the aspects and problems of emigration, modern urbanity and the onset of modernity in untouched natural spaces.

Michael Gutsche lives and works in Val Schons//Switzerland and Fulda/Germany.