Januar – April 2020


The photo documentation of the largest Arctic expedition of all time - MOSAiC - is a unique and warning testimony of the central Arctic during winter. The works show landscapes shaped by night and ice, twilight and the no longer setting sun, and the most recognized climatologists of our time pursuing the great question of the 21st century – the exploration of the epicenter of global warming.

17. January – 30. March 2o14
Museum for Communication Berlin

auf draht

Wire is the pioneer of modern telecommunications in the digital world. We are always and everywhere connected, "on wire". A mobile freedom that forces us to be constantly available. The work of Michael Gutsche and Joanna Skurska moves in this field of tension between space and space. The works show clothing objects made of copper wire by the Polish artist, captured by Gutsche on large-format pictures in the realm of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön.

6. October – 20. November 2o11
Vonderau Museum Fulda

„Icelandscapes - A Nordic Picture Cycle“

The exhibition is a retrospective of 30 years of photo-artistic exploration of one of the most extraordinary landscapes of our earth. The photographic works treat Iceland with great sensitivity. The artist's expressionistic imagery catches its barren Nordic mood in an honest and moving manner. The large-format prints offer windows into a mystical, transient world shaped by volcanism, glaciers and the North Sea.